Bird Songs of Mexico

The first in an ongoing series of audio field guides to the birds of Mexico.  These stereo recordings were made exclusively in Mexico and each album contains bird songs of over 90 species, including endemics found only in these regions.


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These CD’s are designed to help you learn specific calls and songs therefore giving you a better experience in the field.  You might only travel to a certain birding spot once in your lifetime and guides such as these will help you ID rare species by ear quickly and accurately.

Each collection includes over 90 tracks of calls and songs.  The tracks are arranged one for each bird species with voice identification of the species at the start of each track.  On the Yucatan guide, there are four longer ambient tracks at the end.

Here are two low resolution samples of tracks on the CD.  You may also listen to more samples at the iTunes store.

First, the Greater Flamingo.

And also one of the four ambient tracks we have included, this one of a forest habitat including many different birds in one soundscape. 

Yucatan Peninsula Volume 1

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An essential guide to one of the world’s great birding destinations.


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